Every visitor to www.memoplays.com has access to all the games in all categories that are not classified under the title For subscribers. In order to play the games there,  you need to create a user account and complete a monthly subscription.

For us to be able to provide users also with ad-free MyArcade and other similar games, we have to pay licensing fees. To cover these costs, the relevant section of the games have paid access. There are no MyArcade games in this section yet but we hope to publish them as soon as possible.

First, you need to create a user account (Subscription in the menu). During the registration process, you will be guided to the Checkout page (see the terms and conditions of sale for more details). The account holder or his/her guardian is asked to fill in the necessary information to subscribe to the paid service and then follow the instructions to make the payment. From now on,  it is no longer necessary to make monthly payments yourself, as they are automatically debited from the originally registered payment card, i.e. it is an automatic standing order.

The monthly charge is €1.70. By a month, it is meant the monthly period from the date the order is started.

You can see the information about the price when you register for the first time (Subscription in the menu) and when you are redirected to the Checkout page or by clicking on the Join here button (under the different game categories). Information about this is also available in the Terms and Conditions of sale, which can be found at the foot of the page and by logging in under My Account.

Yes, with PayPal you can pay either by credit or debit card.

New games are added monthly for subscribers in the categories of puzzles and memory games.

Monthly standing subscriptions can be canceled very easily at any time from your PayPal account. Access to all games will remain until the end of the prepaid period. Thereafter, the previously registered payment card will no longer be automatically charged for the following monthly period. If a new payment is not made immediately after the end of the prepaid period, i.e. a new subscription is not made, we will delete the user account.

You can contact us by email at info@memoplays.com or by sending us a message from the Contact us menu.